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When Should you Hire Bond Cleaners?

Does the obvious answer say you should hire them when you are at the end of your lease? Don’t you think if you have maintained your house so well that one round of normal cleaning will leave it as good as a new house, it is a waste to spend on bond cleaners? But there may be many scenarios where one would need bond cleaners to get their bond back. The land owner will decide on the degree of cleanliness maintained. So, it is necessary to impress the land owner.

Consider you have just about to complete your lease period. You have a month to go. You have to search for a new house in a new location. Do you think that’s the agent’s job? Not always. Agents will only show you different houses. It is you who would ultimately stay there. You would prefer visiting the house before choosing to stay there. You need to pack your things. You need to clear all the old racks filled with wanted and unwanted documents. With four weekends in hand, if cleaning the entire house yourself seems tough, bond cleaners are there to help you.



Say you have got a new job abroad. You need to run around for various documents. You barely have time left to pack your things. You need to shop for a lot of stuff. You have to make some temporary arrangements to stay as soon as you reach the new workplace. You have to do all these and more within a week. If you add cleaning the house according to your exit procedures so that you get back the bond amount, you would probably put yourself in trouble. It is wise to book an appointment with bond cleaners.

You were too busy for a few months and could not take care of the daily cleaning. To add to this, your kids have messed it sometimes with jams and jellies. Although you think you have energy and time to clean it up now, it may not be up to the standards which your landlord expects. The dry stains are tough to remove using DIY methods. You need experts to do the job for you. They can use professional techniques and make your house look the way it was when you got into the house.

There may be so many such situations which force you to hire bond cleaners. It is better to pay the bond cleaners some amount to clean up the house instead of losing out on the huge deposit amount. It is also a matter of time crunch and the reputation you carry when you leave the house.

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