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Dental missions

General practitioner Bundaberg also asked the services of dentists to help the financially-deprived people to smile again. They perform tooth filling, tooth extractions, and replacement of dentures. The confidence that a good set of teeth brings to people is immeasurable. In addition, they also distribute informative materials about the proper oral hygiene. Not only do they make them smile, but awareness and education are also inculcated in them.

General Practitioner Bundaberg and their Missions

Those in the medical profession are gifted with resources that they can share with the community. They have the intelligence, financial capability, and a compassionate heart to heal others. But not everyone can afford to see a general practitioner Bundaberg to have their illnesses diagnosed and treated. It is for this reason that they formed an organization whose aim is to extend help to the financially-deprived members of the society.

Medical Missions

General practitioner Bundaberg conducts medical missions where they treat various illnesses like asthma, flu, allergies, among others. If a surgery has to be performed, they have a pool of surgeons who are willing to render their services for a small fee, or in some instances, free of charge. Then, seminars are given to make them understand the different kinds of illnesses and the preventive measures.

Family therapy

GP Bundaberg believes that the family plays a vital role towards healing. The holistic approach that they adhere to is the role of the family in helping a family member get cured from addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is not just the addicted person who is need of counseling, but every member of the family needs healing, too. General practitioners Bundaberg works with licensed family therapists who can talk to them and make them open-up the things that bother them that led to addiction and other forms of dysfunctions in the family.

Abused women

They also provide healing, both the mind and the body, of women who went through a traumatic domestic violence. General practitioner Bundaberg works with counselors who can help them go past through their traumas. They help them find temporary havens where they can find solace. Then, they also help them look for jobs to make these abused women independent.

It is very heartwarming to know that there are people in the medical field who are more than willing to share their time and resources with the financially-deprived members of the society. General practitioner Bundaberg believes in the holistic approach towards healing. It is about the integration of body cure and the knowledge that they learn from the teachings of these angels on earth.