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Packing efficiently for Removalists

You are shifting your house and have decided to use removalists to move the luggage. But they are not going to help you with the packing! You don’t want to be slogging hours cramming things into cardbox boxes, and even more time trying to find out where your knife went. Worry not; here are a few tips to help you pack better.

The most important thing is to plan, so that you are not caught with unpacked stuff on the day of move. You need to get the cardboard boxes at least a month in advance. Having more boxes than you think you will need is okay, ending up short of boxes will be the beginning of trouble.

Now, take a notepad and start packing on paper. Let us say you have got 10 boxes, write down what goes into which box. Do not be lazy with this; smart packing can only come from smart planning. Next get packing supplies: dark marker pens to write on each of the packed box so the removalists know what each of the box has and how much care they need to take while moving it, lots of bubble wrap and old newspaper for cushioning, a strong packing tape and a sharp pair of scissors.


It is best to pack small electrical appliances and electronic products in their original boxes, as these have perfect cushioning. But if you had neglected to keep those boxes, wrap these up in a generous amount of bubble wrap. Of course, the bubble wrap is also for other delicate material like crockery and photo frames. Further cushioning for boxes containing these items can be provided by packing towels and blankets as an outer layer.


Keep writing down a list of items that you are packing in a give box, and put it on the box itself. Stuff that you will have to unpack the moment you reach your new house should be highlighted as well. Maybe write “NOW” after those in the list, or write those with a different colored ink. Also, mark boxes that have fragile items and need to be accordingly cared for.


The boxes that has the “NOW” items packed on it should be loaded last into the removalists’ truck. It is best to keep things well organized before they come in, so all that they have to do is load the stuff into the truck and drive off. That said, they are offering you a valuable service so do offer them at least a cup of coffee when they are at your place.