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Demographics of road crash victims

The age group of 17-25 has the sharpest fatality rate in the entire population. This age group actually consists of 13 percent of the Australian population but they cause a disproportionate 25% of deaths.

However the death rate of this group has decreased significantly due to awareness, media publicity about safety and government regulations. In fact crashes of all types have significantly decreased. Single vehicle accident involving a sole vehicle with no pedestrians have accounted for 44% of total crashes.

About ten years ago, these crashes accounted for 41% of total accidents. It’s very difficult for compensation lawyers to pinpoint responsibility of guilty party in single vehicle and multi vehicle crashes.


Statistical Evidence Of Road Accidents

The number of serious road crashes still cause some 1,400 fatalities and 32,450 serious injuries every year. The social impact is depressing with thousands of people losing or damaging their working ability and creating a negative impact on the national economy.

The injured party can take the help of Compensation Lawyer in valid cases to receive financial assistance. The average annual cost of road crashes to the Australian national economy is a staggering $27 billion.

Points to remember 

Remember that insurance companies will always try to reject your claim by citing some or the other excuse so it’s very important to take legal counsel. If the insurance company contacts you to resolve your superannuation claim out of the court you need to evaluate the terms and conditions of the given offer with your lawyer who can advise you properly.

If you think that settlement terms are not satisfactory, you need to move your case to the district court.