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Explaining Electrical Design

Electrical design is a segment under the fields of electrical engineering and electronic engineering. It is a very broad segment that involves the integrated steps of planning, formulating, and overseeing the assemblage and setting up or electrical gear or equipment.

A Guide to Electrical Design & Drafting

Chances are that you’ll engage a drafting company for the layout of a home construction or home improvement project. The drafting firm will depute a team of professionals including a draftsman who’ll sketch the primary plan. He’ll consult and in turn will be consulted by the architect, home contractor, interior designer, and the electrical engineer or electrician. The electrician will be instrumental in helping the drafter in to incorporate and map the power distribution system with the overall plan.

Electrical design include but are not limited to electrical circuitry, emergency power system, transformer, switchgear, meter, switchboard, panel-board, automation control system, lighting fixtures, power distribution, fire alarm system, electronic security system, voice and interactive data communication system, and so on.

Purpose of Electrical Designs


Draftsman uses CAD (computer aided design) software for drafting illustrations, plans, and drawings that graphically point out the arrangement of power distribution in a building. He works in close co-operation with the building architect and the electrical engineer for laying out the same.

All these specialists who’re involved with a typical building construction, renovation, or extension plan render professional services to commercial, residential, educational, medical, industrial, hospitality or government facilities.

An electrical design project range from a very simple to a highly complex one and every plan is unique in its own way.