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Maintenance aspects

When you’ve have trimmed your shortlist to three or four fork trucks, you should assess whether they’re in working condition. In other words, you should check whether they have been properly maintained in the past.

Ask for maintenance records and invoices for servicing and repairs. If these are unavailable, engage a mechanic who’ll be able to carry out a thorough inspection and give a fitness certificate.


A Used Forklift

You can pick and choose from several used forklifts as there are many sources that deal in or use second hand equipment. There are many second hand forklift sales dealers and end-users who maintain rental fleets, trade-in and lease expired fork trucks.

You can select from mechanically powered or electric lift trucks that have been in operation for almost a decade. Generally both kinds are used for almost 1,500-1,600 hours annually for only one shift in a day. The accessibility of forklifts on lease periods of four to five years has spiralled in the past few years.

Inspection checklist

Your mechanic will perform a thorough examination based on a checklist. Look out for radiator damage, corroded engine coolant, low oil and lubricant pressure, discolouration in transmission fluids, leakage in valves for hydraulic control, unwarranted wear and tear, and distortions, cracks or fissures in equipment.

Brakes must be inspected while checking on forklift’s load rating and capacity. The mechanic should cover up all the prescribed points in the checklist.

Although not advisable if you are going for older fork lift sales due to budget constraints, make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage on it.