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Kinds of Water Tanks

Harvesting rain water offers multiple benefits. Wasting precious water resources for purposes like gardening or washing should be avoided. Installing rain water tanks is an easy way to conserve the scarce natural resource. It will help you cut down on your water bill and provide you with abundant water supply. But you must consider a few things before you settle for a particular water tank


Your requirement

You must consider the purpose of conserving rainwater. It could be for indoor or outdoor purposes or both. If the rainwater is to be used for outdoor purposes only, you do not require a licensed plumber to install it as it does not connect to your main water supply. To use rainwater for indoor purposes, like toilet flushing etc, you need a licensed plumber to connect it to the main water supply.



Using rainwater for indoor purposes also requires approval of relevant authorities. Using rain water for drinking purposes is not recommended by the authorities; however you can use it if you take care to ensure hygiene.


Size of the roof

The size of the roof gives you an idea of how much water would be captured and if that would be enough to meet your needs. Buy Rainwater Tanks Adelaide of adequate capacity to ensure effective utilization.


It is very important to consider your budget before you decide on buying a tank. The cost depends on material used, size of the tank, design and finish of the tank. Extra fittings such as pipes, stands etc are additionally chargeable

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