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Budget for Removalists Services - Save Money for the Move

You're moving and you have an idea how much removalists charge for their services. These professionals cost because they offer assistance that you might not get from doing the move by yourself. You know at the back of your mind that moving will cost you an arm and a leg if you don't step up your penny pinching ways before you hire one.

The budget that you've set aside for removal services might suffer if you don't save up for the move. After you've gotten quotes from the removalists that you intend to hire, why not use the time to raise the money for their services? Here are some suggestions how to save up for that big day.

    • Estimate stock. You need to approximate how many items you will bring to your new place. Imagine these disassembled and packed so you can estimate how much space it will occupy. It can give you an idea if your removalists will need a Ute, van or truck for your items. Identify items that you can put in your vehicle. Appraise how much packing materials your items will need.

    • Get rid of clutter. It's a no-brainer that you need to organise which stuff you'll bring to your new place and which one gets left behind. The ones that you don't need are the things that can raise your budget. Have a garage sale before the move. Make sure friends and neighbours know about it. Whatever's left over can be sold online. What doesn't get sold can be donated to the local Salvos or Vinnies.



    • Pack wisely. You'll save heaps if you do the packing yourself but watch out for insurance limitations that your removal company may have. If you have fragile items, let them pack it. Your valuables should be with you during the move lest it get misplaced or damage in transit. Buy packing materials in bulk. Reuse junk mail for packing items in boxes.

    • Be flexible. Make your moving date flexible, such as on a weekday or mid-month because it's cheaper. If you don't mind sharing space in the truck with other people's belonging, use a backloading service. Make sure your items are labelled and secured before opting for the backload deal. Pack your things gradually and enlist friends and family when they're vacant so you don't get too tired packing by yourself.

By the time you're through with these suggestions, you would have saved enough money for the move. It's time to choose the Sunshine Coast removals and make sure you ask them how you can reduce the cost further without compromising the quality of their service. Don't skimp on the insurance coverage as you'll need it.