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Early Signs of Main Sewer Blockage

Almost all house owners are knowledgeable that sewer lines are used to aid in transporting waste liquids from the house to the main sewers which are basically found under the ground. But occasionally, several house owners overlook the importance of caring for their sewer lines and tend to only care whenever they experience the inconveniences of blockage.

A sewer blockage can cause some sewage wastes to come out from your drains and can then cause more serious problems such as damages to your property and costly repairs or even replacement of sewer lines. This is why house owners should comprehend and acknowledge to the early warning signs of sewer blockage in order to prevent more serious plumbing problems and damages. This article will provide you some guidelines on how to detect possible sewer blockage.

According to main sewer blockage service, the most prevalent warning signs of sewer blockage are those instances where some water come out from your toilets or drains, or whenever you hear bubbling sounds from your drains.


Generally, the drains in your property could actually communicate with you. Whenever you observe that by the time you are finished with your washing equipment, the drains begin to bubble and drip, or maybe you would notice some waste water getting out from your drains and flooding your room. These are some of the first warning signs of sewer blockage. Blockages could happen in the primary line sewer or some portions of the secondary lines. You home has actually a tree like setting underground. There is a single primary trunk line which goes out of the home and there are little branches connected to it. If the blockage happens to be in the primary line, this basically indicates that any water system in your home would cause some issues. On the other hand, if the blockage happens to be somewhere in the secondary lines, then the issue would just occur to that particular secondary line.

In simpler words, if the blockage is only in your bathroom toilet, then issues would only occur there. You could still use the bath tub and sink properly. But if the blockage is in the primary line, then all water drains would basically cause some issues.

When it comes to main sewer blockage, considered to be the main cause of blockage particularly in old houses are tree roots. But some elements could as well cause main sewer blockage such as paper towels, feminine sanitary stuffs and some thick toilet papers could as well be the culprit. According to experts, bubbling sounds and slower drain flow in your drains or toilets are the early warning signs of your main sewer line being blocked by tree roots. If ever you do not immediately respond to this issue, then a more significant sewer problem would definitely happen.