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Family Law and Mediation can help you settle Divorce disputes and attain your fair share of the property. Don't get the short stick call us to discuss your Divorce.

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Divorce Lawyers

Child Custody

Divorce Lawyers are prepared to minimise impact as much as possible by helping you to navigate the legal complexities of a divorce and to resolving issues involving child custody, child support, alimony and to equal division of your assets.

Trying to handle a child custody battle alone is a risky proposition that should not be handled alone. We work hard to protect your children's best interests. Fair distribution does not necessarily mean both parties equally split the marital assets, though in practice, courts often split assets down the middle.

Divorce Lawyers

Our divorce lawyers are relentless, yet always compassionate about your situation.

At our Ipswich law firm, our lawyers pride themselves on attention to detail, on strong advocacy on your behalf and high success rate.

Most importantly, our dedicated lawyers will support you through the difficult process of a family law litigation case. You can be assured that we will advise you of your options at every step along the way, and that we will help you keep things in perspective during these volatile and emotional times.


After divorce settlements, you may need to make necessary changes on your wills. Do not delay on this and immediately act with the right Wills and Estate Lawyers

Divorce Settlements

Our lawyers live and work in your area and have deep roots in the community. As our firm has grown, so to has its reputation for effective legal services.

Family Law and Mediation is a recipient of the "Ipswich complete lawyer" award and many other awards. The firm's progressive and creative approach is highly respected and the hard-working staff is proud of their successes.

Divorce and mediation lawyers in Ipswich, Queensland are highly skilled and experienced negotiators. Our divorce lawyers are here to help when you need advice concerning divorce settlements.