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Types of Drug Offences

Possessing drugs is only one of the crimes that you can commit under the categories of drug offences. There are several other types of offences related to drugs like drug trafficking, peddling, manufacturing, distributing or delivering. Sometimes, you might be slapped with multiple drug charges.

Possessing Drugs

There are two ways in which you can be framed for possession of drugs that are considered illegal-physical possession and constructive possession. You’ll be charged with actual possession if you’re caught red-handed with the drug in your shirt or pant pockets or in any other part of your body.

You’ll be apprehended if you’re found imbibing it. Constructive possession on the other hand refers to the discovery of drugs in the trunk of your car or garage or any place that only you have access to. You might be arraigned even if you were not aware of the existence of the same in areas under your exclusive access to.


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Peddling or trafficking

If you’re nabbed for distributing banned or illegal drugs with the intent of selling them or making it convenient for others for partaking of the same, you’re most likely to face a severe sentence.

Many individuals have been awarded a life sentence for mass peddling and trafficking of illicit drugs. The authorities don’t even need to prove or established you had in fact distributed the drugs. They just need to prove your intentions.


Delivery of drug paraphernalia

The law enforcers or the government does not need to establish a direct link for prosecuting you. They just need to prove the intent. Keeping fertilizers and gardening tools for cultivating drugs also constitute drug offense cases.