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If you have been charged with a DUI offence then you need to seek the expertice of an Ipswich DUI Lawyer. You have very little chance of defending a DUI without a experianced legal aid from one of our Ipswich Lawyers.

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DUI Lawyers

Drink Driving

Family Lawyers and Mediation are experts in dealing with DUI cases. There are two areas of expertise in Ipswich criminal law, criminal trial law and criminal appellate law. The Ipswich bar association does not recognise, nor does Ipswich have, a specialisation for dui law.

If you or someone you know has been arrested but not yet convicted for dui, you are still in the trial phase of the case. Family Law and Mediation's DUI lawyers are specialists and have practiced DUI law since 1990.

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DUI Charges

Our DUI lawyers are not the high pressure salesmen like you may expect. We are the best DUI lawyers available our services are in high demand. We aren't going to pressure you to retain them for any reason.

Family Law and Mediation's DUI lawyers, seek out the best possible result in your personal DUI case. Whether that means a trial, potential admission to ard with the best consequences attainable or a plea negotiation.

While we can't guarantee a result in your Ipswich DUI case, but we will guarantee that as long as there are challengeable issues in your case, we won't stop fighting your case, unless you ask us to.

Family Law and Mediation's DUI lawyers are very knowledgeable about the laws surrounding drug and alcohol-related crimes. Penalties for these crimes can be harsh, but defendants can seek the assistance of our lawyers, to defend their cases.

DUI Trials

At Family Lawyers and Mediation, it is our job to gather all the information and evidence available in your case, and present the options to you.

While you, without doubt, don't like the situation you are in, it is very important to have good counsel that can present you with options and choices about how to proceed in your situation.

Our DUI lawyers are committed to helping you fight for the verdicts you need, and we would love to discuss your case with you.

If you or someone you know, is facing the serious ramifications of a DUI charge and would like to know more about what can be done to help fight the charges, the DUI defence lawyers of Ipswich, can assit.

Talk to our compassionate lawyers and learn more about what we may be able to do for you and your DUI charge and other drug offences.