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4 Things That Will Ruin your Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring has stood the taste of time and proved beyond doubt to be effective in both the industrial and home application. With this feature, it is surely an inexpensive way to cover up any flaws and create a safe durable floor for your chosen area. Over the years, it has been used in aerospace facilities, its uses multiplied over into the electronics industry, and now it is a force to reckon with in the flooring market.

Advantages of seamless epoxy floors Brisbane ranges from having strong adhesive properties making it corrosion resistant hence making it so suitable to use in industries. Water resistance, this enables it to be durable for longer as it won’t wear and tear off easily as a result of water. It’s tough and does not shrink off easily. Non-flammable, among all the advantages this stands out. The ability of epoxy floors not to conduct fire is far important both to the home-owners and the industrialist as this will ensure them of the safeness of their commodity in the event of a fire accident. Lastly is its ease of use.

Amidst the many advantages of the seamless epoxy floors there are flaws too but this should not scare off any interested party since with flaws spurs innovation. When preparing the epoxy floors it’s required to leave the area at least averagely twelve hours unused. This is long a time for any industry to lose millions of shillings but it’s worth the wait. Another disadvantage is that the chemical compounds may cause irritation or allergic contact reaction so it’s advisable to keep off if not a technician.




Some factors might results in distortions of the epoxy floors. Let’s consider four such factors:

Lack of expertise

For seamless epoxy floors, it must have an expertise touch in it. Despite its ease of usage someone without the technical know-how wouldn’t be able to bring out the perfect finish required.


The recommended time for any place to be unused is twelve hours after application. In order for the clean floor to acquire its hardness and reach the perfection standard this time should be strictly observed

Poor mixing

Clear guidelines on how to mix are always indicated in the instructions pack. Despite being an all-time user of the product at least care to read the instructions again to ensure no predicaments arise.


Poor application might override everything, as it will not clearly bring out the beauty of the finished product. This factor can be spurred by lack of experience in this field.

Anyone with an interest in seamless epoxy floors critically consider the above factors to enjoy the benefits that comes with this product.

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