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One of man’s inherent natures is his constant search for something novel, something that enhances his quality of life. It is on this count that we unanimously agree on the point that our homes have much to contribute in fulfilling our most cherished desires. We therefore, feel naturally inclined to make it cozy, comfortable and that its look should stand out from the common lore

In this context, let us for the time being confine ourselves to selecting the right kind of clean floors for our homes. Wooden flooring is primarily recommended for houses in earthquake prone zones. However, other areas too can go for wooden flooring to give an elite touch to their houses. Besides, woods command greater durability.

Once you choose to use wood for your floor, you must go for Timber. Timber flooring is the most preferred choice so far as wood flooring is concerned. Why? This is because its benefits are manifold. Its natural origin is a health protector as it keeps away dust particles. Besides, its hard texture confers durability to the floor. Compared to ceramic tiles, timber flooring has significantly lesser range of carbon emissions thereby having an ecological advantage. Timber flooring offers a wider choice range as well with multifarious colors, styles and texture depending on the species of timber used. Last but not the least - timber flooring gives you a touch of novelty within an affordable price.

The different types of timber floors are

Hardwood: Here a single piece of timber is used to cut out planks for the floor. It is generally preferred for structural purposes. In hard wood flooring, timber lengths are connected by interlocking tongues and grooves. The planks are placed perpendicular to the wooden support bars called joists or bearers. It can also be laid over concrete floors or old timber flooring. A solid timber floor needs to be sanded at regular intervals to restore its polish and texture. These are widely used in European countries especially in older style houses and their antique value deserves cognition.




Solid Wood: Here a single piece of timber is used but it is kiln or air-dried before sawing. It therefore requires no sanding or polishing. The boards are generally transported to the site for installation in semi-finished state but with the coating already applied on it. As a result, it can be installed in lesser time compared to its hardwood counterpart. These are more suitable for apartments.

Selecting the right and reliable timber flooring should now be our point to ponder. In this context, I feel it is better to consult rating agencies for a particular variety of timber. For example, Janka rating measures the hardness of timber. Higher the score, higher is the hardness of the timber i.e. higher is the durability. Next on the cards, is the grade and color? Variegated are the choices and here individual choice and preference come into play. Grade is basically the visible features of the wood. Most companies offer three types - (1) select or classic which is the sleekest (2) standard or natural - the one with few knots (3) rustic which has the highest level of burls and veins. The color bracket too has a wide range of choices and each type has a different color. For example, the Australian Beech and Blackbutt have cream to pale brown color; the Cyprus pine comes in golden brown color and so on

The best part of timber flooring is that no two trees are similar and natural variations are highly probable. Hence, once you decide to go for timber flooring, you can be pretty sure that you are going to have something unique for your dear home. But there's just a single word of caution - do not barely rely on the photographs posted on the website of timber dealers. Your finalization of the type should be preceded by a personal visit to their store

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