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Our main Law Firm is located in central Ipswich. We have been operating for 10 years and employ expert lawyers from Ipswich and surround areas. If you are in need of the best Legal Aid then contact us.

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Ipswich Area

Our lawyers are all members of the "Queensland Law Society". We pride ourselves on the fact that we are the leading conveyancing specialist in Ipswich, providing conveyancing services for residential buyers and sellers and property developers. Install your own water tanks Ipswich to avoid any water-related law issues.

Family Lawyers and Mediation's head office is situated in Ipswich. We also have affiliate offices situated on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, that are dedicated to servicing these areas.



Ipswich Firm

There are many regulations that must be taken into consideration when pursuing a case in the Ipswich district. We remain aware of all rules and laws that apply to cases the appear in Ipswich courts.

We also care about other areas in Australia.

This knowledge and experience will be crucial in forming the best defence or offence in a court of law. Should you or someone you know need our legal aid, do not hesitate to contact us. See other business services