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The next step that bamboo manufacturers take in order to make bamboo floors is carbonizing. In this step, the bamboo fibers are collected and steamed in a chamber in order to carbonize the water and sugar content. In effect, carbonizing will bring out a woody shade we are all familiar with. After this, the fibers are fully dried out to remove remaining amounts of water that still exists in it and is then store prior to the next manufacturing process called molding.






How Bamboo Floorings are Made

Bamboo is becoming a fine choice of flooring as it is just as good as hard wood and with additional benefits to match such as high resistance to water and insects, high toughness and it is environmental friendly just to name a few. In terms of manufacturing, bamboo flooring material is easy to obtain as bamboo grows fast and in large quantities. Producing bamboo flooring takes several steps until the final product is obtained. Here are the usual steps taken by bamboo flooring companies to produce bamboo floors.

Harvesting of bamboo

The first step to creating bamboo flooring is harvesting the right kind of bamboo. In most cases, the species of bamboo used as flooring material is called Moso which is popularly known for its strength and versatility. These bamboos are harvested by cutting from the base and just letting the shoots continue to grow which is no problem as bamboo grows fast. When enough bamboo is gathered, these are then taken to the factories and are divided into sections as long as 2 meters. These strips, which are called fingers, are stripped off with their fibers to prepare them for the next process.



The collected strips of fiber, which have been prepared for this process, are soaked in glue and are placed in a mold that will compress them together. The compression machine is set at a high pressure in order to keep the strips tightly together so as to form a beam. The beams are then oven baked for a full day and are left to solidify for a maximum of month and 2 weeks.

Cutting and Finalizing

Once the beams are ready, these will be cut into the shape of floor planks and are usually performed in one single movement and are prepared for their finishing touches. The planks will pass through one machine to other which will give it its necessary touches such as coatings and other methods which will make its installation fast and easy for users.

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