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Challenges that Bond Cleaners Face Regularly

If you aspire to become a bond cleaner, know that the job can be very enjoyable. This is especially true when satisfied customers give you a pleasant pat on the back for doing the job properly.
On the other hand, the job involved numerous disadvantages. It is prudent for anyone interested in the industry to learn the challenges. This way, you will be prepared psychologically and physically for the job ahead.

Health hazards

Bond cleaning should be so effective that the tenant will leave the housing unit as clean (if not cleaner) as it was when he first occupied it. For this reason, the cleaner finds himself facing toxic contaminants in several quarters such as the shed, store, garage, pet house, and garden.

Tenants may occasionally discard used insecticides and pesticides carelessly. Similarly, they may keep harmful things such as car battery acid, gas containers, and flammable substances in the store. It is your work as a bond cleaner to remove all these toxic contaminants.

You will occasionally be needed to clean windows, roofs, and gutter. The biggest hazard in working on high ground is falling. Similarly, you may suffer injuries from broken glasses, unprotected nails, and iron roofing, among others.

Tough targets

You need to remove all dirt, contaminants, and filth from all rooms, including the usually notorious kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms. The target to remove grease, oil, food stains, urine stains, and other tough stains is usually overwhelming.

If these undesirable things are not effectively cleaned out, the tenant will not be contended. Since he risks voiding his lease agreement, the tenant may fail to pay for your services. Sometimes, a tenant may sue a bond cleaner for irresponsibility.



Long working hours

The fact that a company wants to make most returns on investment means you may be deployed to work for long hours. Imagine staying on your feet for the better part of the day, days on end. The exhaustion that comes with the job is drawback. 

Legal procedure

Almost all residential properties are prone to faults. For example, a bond cleaner may unknowingly touch a button, causing an electrical damage. If the company is not well insured, the cleaner may find himself in court answering charges of recklessness. Even where the company has a proper insurance, a cleaner may lose his job, lest he causes more damage in future.


Another challenge that some bond cleaners face is poor payment. This is especially prevalent in low-income neighborhoods and rural localities where the services of a bond cleaning company are in low demand. As you mull over the idea to join the industry, consider these challenges and find strategies to reduce or eliminate them. 

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