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Things to Know Of Designer Engagement Rings

For women, wedding is the happiest moment of their life. For the men, making their lady happy makes them happy. Making a grand proposal or even a simple one is one of the best ways to make their women’s heart flutter. When proposing, they pick out the best engagement rings. People who can afford have designer engagement rings made. These rings are usually made of diamonds that cost thousands or even millions. Only the best ring designers in the world have the capacity to do that. Designer rings cost much because they are personalized.

Picking out engagement rings might be daunting but the rule is to know the basics. Designers often use the 4 C’s of engagement ring diamonds when making a ring for their customers. The 4 C’s include colour, cut, clarity and carat. If you notice, diamonds in engagement rings come in different shapes which include round, pear, emerald, or princess. The cut establish the diamond’s brilliance and how the angle of the diamond would be presented. Next is the clarity, this is base on appearance of the diamond and how free it is of imperfection. A perfect diamond even without really scrutinizing it would look perfect in any eyes. The colour can vary from colourless to brown. Lastly is the carat which refers to how big the diamond in the ring. The bigger the diamond the bigger the carat the more costly it is.


One important factor designers look into is the metal ring. These include gold, titanium, platinum and many more. If the customer is able to pick out the things needed for the ring, then it’s time to set it up. There are a number of designs the customer can pick. When going to a jewellery store, they have brochures of the rings they can make for you. If you do not like those things, then you can have someone help you make a particular design that would suit your liking.

If you have the budget, seek out the best designer in town. There are a lot of famous designer that you might have heard of. They are costly but worth it. Or if you really want to have your own design, then search the internet for an online site that allows you to design the engagement yourself and have them make it out for you. The cost of the designer engagement rings depends on the components of the ring especially the diamond itself. You also need to pay for the labour fees.

People want to get wed only once, so make a budget for it. If you really opt to have a designer engagement ring then choose something within your budget. Don’t go off of it, so you won’t have problems in the future. Plus, the most important thing is that you have made an effort to make a grand proposal to your lady. The thought of it would make her want to say yes. Your time and effort would not go to waste with designer engagement ring