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Guide For Cleaner Carpets

Carpet cleaning is a challenging task. It is because of its structures that carpets are attractive to very tiny pollutants that we cannot see but only feel. The thing about them is once disturbed like somebody will step on the carpets with them clinging between the fabrics; they will kind of splash in the air which will endanger the people living inside the house. That is why, though they might be cleaned superficially like every month maybe, still they will need extensive cleaning at least twice a year. Superficial cleaning will only eliminate superficial dirt. Those hard to eliminate pollutants will not be removed by simple carpet cleaning. That is the reason why, some household owners will have their carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. You can have yours too if you have no time as they really need attention if you want a safe place for your kids.

But still, if you think you can do the extensive cleaning by yourself and you have the appropriate equipments, then these following steps might be of help:

- First thing to do is to carefully mix a powder detergent with water using a cloth.

- When making use of vacuum cleaner, always see to it that you are using a new bag every time. Then do vacuum twice the entire floor to make sure that everything that is left by the carpet are captured.

- Then the next step is to damp a part a small portion of the carpet with the damp cloth and then remove any lint that you will see.


- When dealing with hard to remove spots and stains, better if you will just prep-treat them with the mixed solutions and after sometime, scrub them off making use of carpet brush. Repeat the procedure with all the other equally hard to eliminate stains.

- To make sure that your carpet will become really dry, damp it with towels or sheets for them to absorb the remaining liquid from the carpet.

- When all the dirt are eliminated or removed, change the soapy water with just water and go over to those spots and brush them with pure water to remove the soapy residue. With that done, then damp those areas again with towel or sheets.

- When everything else is done like your carpet smells fresh again, open your windows for the carpet to easily dry.

- Lastly, ran over your vacuum to fluff up the hairy fabric and if ever there are some remaining pollutants, they will be caught by the vacuum.

- You can then apply carpet protector. This will stop the dirt from penetrating deeper into the carpet and thus will be removed easily the next time you will decide it needs cleaning again.

As mentioned above, carpet cleaning is not an easy task, thus if no one in the family will have the time to clean them, you can hire That Carpet Guy Carpet Cleaning Services. With them, your carpet will surely be returned fluffing with freshness.