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What to Look for in a Computer Support Technician

Though the computer is one of the best inventions ever made by man, it also causes more problems than it solves. This is common where the computer support services offered are wanting. If poorly maintained, the system may pave room for data leaks which may expose your company’s secrets and not to forget the annoying interruptions caused by malware and other bugs. Hiring a good support team for your computer network is essential and it all starts by knowing what to look for in an IT personnel.

Observes operations

The best professional to bring on board is one who is interested in understanding how your business works and not just the technologies in place. He observes the operations of your business and asks questions. When a technician understands your business operations, he will be able to implement the technologies that will yield the best results.

Takes security seriously

The security of your computer system is important. A simple security breach can result in monumental damages. Computer support Melbourne always pay attention to data security and backup. They will ask to know where your emails are hosted, the type of operating systems you use, and the antivirus tools you use and make reasonable recommendations where necessary.



Long term commitment

You do not want to work with a new computer support team every time you need help. You want someone who will help you beyond your immediate needs. Choose an expert that will commit to a contract of three to five years. This will not only guarantee professional and speedy support but also reduce chances of your company secrets being leaked.

Explain himself

Let’s be realistic, there are many computer terms you don’t understand. Though it may be difficult for the technician to translate all the geek-speak into your language, he should try. You are footing the bills and you have the right to know what is really wrong with your systems. Contact them here.

Give you choices

Nobody wants to work with a bossy service provider. A good technician to work with is one who is able to give you choices and price levels to pick from. The technician should also be up-to-date with the tech-industry for him to know what will be best for your business.

Right credentials

A reliable computer support technician has the right credentials such as (MCTS) Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional, CompTIA Network+ or ACSP (Apple Certified Support Professional). The right credentials show that the expert is fully equipped to work on your systems. Even so, before you hire anyone, learn to read between the lines of their resume and when having a real conversation.