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Ways You Can Help Your Furniture Removalist for the Move

There are still a lot of small things that you can do to help your Furniture Removalist and ensure that the entire process goes as smooth as possible. Moving is already a stressful process as it is, the last thing that you want to have to deal with after actually getting everything to your new place is a few boxes of broken things and having no idea where everything is.

Here is a list of some of the things you can do to help your furniture removalist make your move as smooth as possible:

Organize Everything

Organizing can be a hassle, while also being time consuming, but you can expect to be spending the time at some point if you aren’t organized in the beginning. While you don’t have to be OCD about where everything is and goes, you should at least give the movers a general idea of how you’d like things to be done.

Simple things like placing small furniture together can be a huge help for your Furniture Removalist. Try to place things like lamps and chairs together, as they will generally need to be packed at the same time inside the trailer or truck. The last thing that both of you want to happen is to have to remove furniture in order to pack something in that wouldn’t fit otherwise.


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It would also be a huge help if you could give them a list of exactly what is in the house to be moved. This can be as simple as doing a walkthrough of your house and estimating the amount of couches, chairs, beds, etc. that they will have to move. As we mentioned, doing this may seem like something you shouldn’t have to do. And you certainly don’t have to do it. We’re simply trying to help you avoid mutual headaches along th way.

Inform Them of Overly Fragile Items

This is absolutely essential if you want to avoid a massive amount of future headaches. A lot of people simply assume that the movers are going to treat every single piece of furniture as if it was extremely valuable and fragile. Don’t assume that!

A Furniture Removalist is there to get the job done efficiently as possible. Being efficient means being quick. Being quick means the potential to not be quite as careful as they should be. Some things may even happen that aren’t under their control whatsoever. There’s no telling how many quick stops that they’ll have to make that might knock something over or rattle it against the wall.

If you’re really worried about a particular item I would suggest packing it heavily and letting the movers know up front that it is something that could break easily. Basically, try not to put a Furniture Removalist in a situation that you wouldn’t want to be put in if you were the one moving the furniture.

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